Bike Repair

Tek Standard provides on-site bike repair for residences and fitness centers in California.

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Bike Repair

Stationary and spin bikes are great exercise equipment and popular option for those who enjoy cycling but like to exercise at home. Overall bike are considered to be trouble free fitness equipment but like any other machinery will require repair from time-to-time. It is not difficult to spot a problem with a bike and some issues can be fixed without scheduling service call. However, each bike model is different, and professional assistance in most cases is necessary. So refer to owner's manual or contact manufacturer's support team for help with basic issues. And if you will require professional help, Tek Standard technician will gladly assist you.


• Do not use a bike that is not working properly.

• Do not work attempt bike repair if it is under 3 years old and you are original owner. By troubleshooting bike your self, manufacturer's warranty might be voided.

• Do not work on a bike while it is connected to a power source.


1. Check power cord connection to the outlet

2. Check if the outlet has power

3. Check if bike's power switch is in ON position

4. Write down bike's model and serial number, and contact manufacturer's support team for troubleshooting guidance.

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