Fitness Center Audit

Tek Standard provides professional fitness center audit to prevent unsafe practices and insure safety.

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Fitness Center Audit

Over and over phrase risk management repeated in fitness industry. As the business owner and fitness facility operator it is your primary responsibility to ensure safe and positive environment for gym patrons. Daily club walk thru have to be part of every club manager routine tasks. More, regular fitness center audits have to be implemented on monthly bases to prevent unsafe practices and complacency among club personal. More, regular employee training have to be implemented so everyone on staff can identify potential hazards and have clear understanding what needs to be done about it. Gym inspection will help to target this issues and create safe facility for everyone.
Facility center audit should cover areas like:
Gym safety
General safety
Fitness Area
Building and Grounds
Office and Break-rooms
Locker rooms
Kids Club
And Moreā€¦.
Tek Standard experts stay in tune with fast changing rules and regulation, and legal cases discussed in United States courts. We constantly update and improve our audit reports. Our auditors systematically receive proper training for updates and legal changes in fitness industry.
Audit report will include:
Report of all discovered hazardous issues
Categorize hazardous issues from high to low priority
Break down plan of action to solve issues found

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Regularly Price $75 per hour

"We want to be more than just another service provider-we want to establish long lasting relationships with our clients. We constantly strive to achieve best customer support in an industry by training and educating our technicians, improving our system, and stay in tune with fast paced innovations in fitness world. "