Fitness Equipment Evaluation

Tek Standard offers professional fitness equipment evaluation and inspection services. We will identify all safety hazards and create detailed plan of action to ensure safety for gym patrons.

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Fitness Equipment Evaluation

Fitness industry growing fast and demand for maintained, safe fitness equipment becoming the most important factor for fitness center’s owners. Maintained equipment will not only save money in a long run, but also reduce risk of liability and negligence.

With escalating number of lawsuits filed against fitness centers, it is crucial that fitness equipment will be thoroughly inspected and evaluated on regular bases. Treadmill belts stretch with use and start slipping, which in effect will cause skip and fall accident. Gym cables fray and will cause serious injury when break. Bolts get loose, welds crack, machines become unstable, emergency stops and locks wore out and become unserviceable. With hundreds of possible hazards it is prime responsibility of an owner to take necessary steps to ensure that their gym is safe for patrons and members and the risk of injury brought down to the minimum. Inspections need to be implemented at least quarterly, but depending on fitness equipment use sometimes necessary monthly and even weekly.

Tek Standard offers professional fitness equipment evaluation and inspection services. Our expert technician will inspect each treadmill, elliptical, bike, gym plate loaded or selectorized stack machines thoroughly, identify all safety hazards, and create detailed plan of action that will help owner to eliminate safety issues right away.
Fitness Equipment Evaluation Report will include:
Evaluation for safety hazards
Current state of preventative maintenance
Member satisfaction factor
Plan of action

My equipment is new and if something happens, only manufacturer will be legally responsible.
With all fitness equipment bands and models new or old, rule of thumb exist:
Manufacturer liable 70%
Owner liable 30%
Therefore, even if injury was caused by fault design or machine failure, it is owner responsibility to insure that all steps were taken to discover exercise machine defect or malfunction, and take preventative measures.
I already have techs and managers that insure mine equipment operation and maintenance.
Complacency- is very dangerous in fitness environment. Technicians and service managers become placid in the regular work environment. Outside professional evaluation always will help owners to see if workers are capable to work with fitness equipment, if job is done correctly and thoroughly, and help to establish employee development plan for the future.
I hired fitness equipment service provider to ensure that my equipment operational and safe.
Fitness industry is not regulated. Companies or individual service providers sometimes take short cuts to save cost and increase profits.
Has your current service provider spend under an hour in your facility doing maintenance or inspection?
Were you provided with detailed log of fitness equipment repairs, maintenance, or inspection?
Have regular club walk thru conducted together with technician or service provider?
This are just a few red flags of poor service. Tek Standard can help to determine if the money spend for service is actually worth it.


Regularly priced by the number of exercise equipment in a facility
1-5 - $85 (minimum charge)
6- 10-$10 per unit
11-20-$9 per unit
21-50= $8 per
51 and up- $5 per unit
Facilities with over 200 exercise equipment units now only $3 per unit


"We want to be more than just another service provider-we want to establish long lasting relationships with our clients. We constantly strive to achieve best customer support in an industry by training and educating our technicians, improving our system, and stay in tune with fast paced innovations in fitness world. "