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Professional fitness equipment repairs. We repair all gym equipment for commercial and residential customers.  

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Treadmill Repair

Treadmills are very durable equipment that designed to take a lot of impact. But form time-to-time even most durable machinery will have problems that will require repair and service.

Commercial grade treadmills can be expensive and repairs associated with these models are natural course of action. Residential grade treadmills are much more inexpensive, but before looking for a new treadmill everyone should evaluate if repair will be more cost efficient.

Elliptical Repair

Each fitness equipment manufacturer makes several different elliptical trainer models. The concept of elliptical was designed for people who love to run but have problem with joint pains. Because of this, it is very important that elliptical will be safe to use at all times and repaired immediately if something broken or amiss. Elliptical repairs can vary greatly and professional help in most cases necessary. Some basic parts that require repair and service from time-to-time:

Bike Repair

Stationary and spin bikes provide great exercise and popular option for those who enjoy cycling but like to exercise at home. Overall bike are considered to be trouble free fitness equipment but like any other machinery will require repair from time-to-time. It is not difficult to spot a problem with your bike and some issues can be fixed without scheduling service call. However, each bike model is different, and professional assistance in most cases is necessary.

Gym Repair

Gyms, Selectorize equipment, and free weight stations are very popular and most dangerous equipment in fitness industry. A lot of issues can be prevented with concentrated preventative maintenance program, but when something does break, gym repairs will need to be done. Cables are very common items that always wear and break on strength equipment. It is mandatory to know manufacturer guidelines and not to replace cable with aftermarket brands or cables that not designed to sustain necessary weight demand.

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