Fitness Expert Consultation

Tek Standard expert stay in tune with fast paced fitness world and will gladly share their expertise to help our clients in decision making process.

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Fitness Expert Consultation

Fitness industry is growing and changing fast. Demand for new exercise equipment concepts is grater than ever. Each fitness equipment manufacturer is constantly introducing new models and improving existing equipment. Fitness equipment is the most important asset of any fitness center, and money should be spent wisely considering demand and estimated use. Important factors to be considered before making purchasing decision are:
Fitness center future purpose
Fitness equipment durability
Fitness equipment costs
Manufacturer warranty
Manufacturer support
Tek Standard expert stay in tune with fast paced fitness world and can help to make these decisions. We work closely with all manufacturers and will match customer needs with right manufacturer. Tek Standard does not sale fitness equipment but offer unbiased consult services that solely based on customer needs.


"We want to be more than just another service provider-we want to establish long lasting relationships with our clients. We constantly strive to achieve best customer support in an industry by training and educating our technicians, improving our system, and stay in tune with fast paced innovations in fitness world. "