Gym Maintenance

Tek Standard provides on-site preventative gym maintenance for residences and fitness centers in California.

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Gym Maintenance

Properly instituted preventative maintenance program is the key to getting the most out of your plate loaded, free weight, body weight, and selectorized weight stack systems. To prevent service calls and keep gym systems running with minimal downtime, requirement is more than just wiping down outside surface and repairing problems when they occur. Concentrated gym maintenance program can extend the life of your equipment, combat problems before they occur, prevent injuries, and save money in the long run.

Gym Maintenance Tips:

Once a day wipe down upholstery with a mild soap and water or comparable all purpose cleaner. Visually inspect cables for wear at and around connections and along the entire length of the cable. Always replace at first sign of wear.

Once a week visually inspect all hardware for loosening, tampering or wear. Check Jam Nut at top of weight stack for tightness. Inspect all accessories, connecting links, and carabiner clips for wear. Check condition of hand grips. Check cables for stretch and adjust as necessary by loosening the large Jam Nut on to of the weight stack and by screwing in the Threaded Plug until cable is tight and the weight stack pin goes in all holes easily. Inspect Shrouds for damage and clean as necessary. Monthly clean Guide Rods with Break-FreeĀ® brand lubricant. Clean tops of bearings at stack and inspect for heavy buildup on rods below the head plate. Lift half of stack and do a visual inspection, then clean as necessary. Inspect hardware on all machines and tighten any bolts or nuts that may have loosened over the life of the product.

Preventative maintenance is key to equipment safety and keeps your liability to the minimum. Equipment needs to be regularly inspected and maintained. This crucial aspect of owning plate loaded, free weight, body weight, and selectorized weight stack systems in most cases overlooked and neglected. Tek Standard provides superior gym maintenance. Our technicians excel in ordinary, routine tasks and will gladly get dirty job done for you.

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